10 learnings about daily food: Age, Protein, Amount, Quality

what I learned about protein on a Ben Greenfield podcast

Gradual muscle loss occurring with age (Sarcopenia) is related to consuming not enough protein. As you age, your body tends to produce less Hydrochloric Acid, which helps break down protein into amino acids. When over 60, men require these amino acids even more, to stay in protein balance.

After the age of 60 to 65 the daily intake of protein should be 0.94-1.24 gram per kilogram of body weight.

But, overtaking protein can have adverse effects. Yes, we can take more than 30 (optimal) grams of protein per meal. But in response to very big protein intake, pancreas produces more glucagon, a hormone opposite to insulin in its effect. Glucagon causes our liver to produce and release into the blood a huge amount of glucose.

Be careful about your steak or dairy meal with more than 30g of protein. This can cause the same metabolic issue as eating a whole lot of sugar. Just because of the glucagon-glucose-insulin cycle.

Fast release protein sources are especially dangerous. Such as protein powders, whey isolates, milk itself. Like “Slow Carbs”, “Slow Proteins” are generally more beneficial to our bodies.

Oxidation is the worst enemy of protein in packaged, preserved foods. Proteins get oxidized causing lots of troubles. E.g. cell damage, neurodegenerative and digestive disorders, diabetes.

Industrial processing, packaging, heat exposure, irradiating, high pressure treating cause oxidation of proteins. Avoid long storage foods. Do your best to consume meat, fish, and vegetable proteins as fresh as possible.

eggs have natural packaging for protein, this egg is from Hof HansDetlef Wiese
8g of proteins in natural packaging

Eggs have the best, natural “packaging” of protein.

Culinary herbs and spices reduce oxidation if added during cooking and eating. Such as basil, ginger, parsley, curcuma, rosemary, black pepper.

antioxidative choice for daily proteins
antioxidative choice for daily proteins

At any age we must have just enough minimally oxidizied proteins. Within the healthy requirements for our body. Not more than that, and not less. 




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Organic „Brain Lubricant“ vs Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a slow-starting disease affecting lots of aged people.

Weak-mindedness, loss of short-time memory, speaking problems and disorientation are among the abhorable symptoms.

A scarily sobering  thing about AD is that the prevention could be started years before one is diagnosed.

Oftentimes, the early symptoms are mistakenly taken for ageing or stress results.

Alzheimer's Prevention Starts Early. How To in What I Learned

I was happy to discover that my favorite — Coconut Oil — can help effectively prevent and EVEN alleviate Alzheimer’s.

Here’s 8 Whys: 

  1. During Alzheimer’s,  a developed insulin resistance of the brain cells is found to be an important factor to damage the cells. This type of  insulin resistance is usually a result of a life-time exposure to high levels of sugar in blood, due to overeating sugars and other carbs.

  2. In this case, hormone insulin simply can’t deliver glucose to our brain cells to produce energy. The cells  “refuse to understand” signals from insulin. As a result the brain cells are damaged and destroyed. Very bad.

  3. We are lucky that besides glucose our brain cells can use ketone bodies as an alternative source of energy. Very good.

  4. These “ketone bodies” or “ketones” are a product of fat processing in our organism. Not only brain cells, but most cells of our body can receive energy from ketones instead of glucose. Glucose and ketones are two primary sources of energy for the cells.

  5. Specific conditions are required to trigger the shift of energy source from glucose to ketones. These conditions are most easily created by following a variant of the so called Ketogenic Diet.

  6. Ketogenic Diet provides for the conditions when our body produces ketones from fats and the cells use them as energy source.

  7. Coconut Oil contains lots of peculiar fatty acids important for our metabolism. These acids are called “medium chain fatty acids”. These acids cannot be stored in our body. When digested, they are burned immediately as a fuel for the body. In the process, plenty of ketones are produced.

  8. Ketones provide fuel to the “hungry” and suffering brain cells of Alzheimer’s.


Visit us here map.bioladen-wurzelwerk.de in the shop — ask Tim about prevention of Brain Diseases with Ketogenic Effects of Coconut Oil.


NB: Ketones, from Coconut Oil fatty acids, protect & restore mental power.

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Different Vitamin C

Vitamin C tastes and works completely different when we take it in its natural forms. As a slice of a lemon, or freshly pressed juice, for example.

We virtually can’t overdose ourselves with vitamin C coming in its natural ‚containers‘ of fruits or fresh juices.

Freshly pressed, no-additives, organic lemon juice ’simply‘ works to the best of our health.

The effects are really amazing.

As a power coach, I keep saying that my very sour „during-workout“ drink, immediately boosts strength exertion and emotions needed thereof right upon taking a small sip of it.

And it’s only fresh water plus organic lemon juice.

When thought about and researched thoroughly, these amazing effects have ’simple‘ explanation:

When we consume natural forms of Vitamin C we also consume all its natural ‚companions‘ conducive to its healthy effects.

Dozens of Lemon’s complex macro-nutrients harmonically perform in the same symphony alongside Vitamin C itself.

They protect us from overdosing, help digest the vitamin (starting right in our mouth), provide minerals and ions appealing to our tastes and metabolism.

Unlike the synthetic forms which have multitude of adverse effects on our bodies. All those powders, pills, drinks ‚restored‘ from concentrates.

Yes, artificial color and taste can be similar to natural ones. Yet their appeal to our taste-buds simply tricks us into liking the makeshift and dull substitutes whilst imposing risks of harm to our health.

When we don’t have time to prepare the daily wanted quantities of lemon juice, its always a good option to open up a bottle of freshly pressed organic juice. The only second best source of lemon juice treasures.

It’s a great added value to the priceless qualities of organic lemons: some good people already saved my time by carefully pressing lots of healthy lemons, providing me with an essential component of my endurance and power practice.

Stay healthy, drink organic.

The Power Coach
Bioladen WurzelWerk



The Dirty Dozen

The list of produce most and least contaminated with pesticides is always worth knowing.

The lists are different, depending on the country of origin. So Apples, the most „filthy“ produce in the US, can be relatively „clean“ when grown in Germany.

According to EWG, The Dirty 12 most contaminated produce grown in the US are:

  1. Apples
  2. Peaches
  3. Nectarines
  4. Strawberries
  5. Grapes
  6. Celery
  7. Spinach
  8. Sweet bell peppers
  9. Cucumbers
  10. Cherry tomatoes
  11. Snap peas – imported (to US)
  12. Potatoes

In any case it’s always up to us, the consumers, to apply some common sense and research the staples we consume.


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Always Positive: Why and How

No magical thinking because it’s actual magic. Our thoughts and words actually create something physical in this world. And it all starts in our brains.

It is found and confirmed again and again: our thoughts actually create new neural pathways in our brains. Literally rewiring, building up fresh and unique „thinking structures“ of our brain cells.

These new connections between our brain cells physically enable uniquely new ways of thinking. Which again leads up to continuous formation of new neural connections.

What a beautiful feature of ours — we only have to remember to use it.

There’s always a way to make our lives good.

Bioladen Wurzelwerk


PS: Watch these good videos by Jordan Harbinger (AOC) on Always Having Positive Outlook and Big Think video with Ray Kurzweil on Human Brain’s Thoughts Creating New Neural Wiring